Waypoints Opportunities for Change Program

A free 15 week Group Program for those who
have used aggression in a relationship.

A Place Where People Come Together To

  • Choose a new direction.
  • Learn about unhealthy patterns of behaviour.
  • Identify areas for personal growth.

Opportunities for Change is a 15 week Psycho-Educational Group Program for those who have used violence in a relationship.

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How Can OFC Help ME?

A place where people come together to:

  • Talk about some of the challenges faced in life
  • Help members realize that they are not alone
  • Discover new insights about challenges
  • Learn about unhealthy patterns of behaviour
  • Build upon healthy relationship skills
  • Develop healthy communication skills
  • Identify areas for personal growth
  • Enable greater ability to regulate emotion
  • Take accountability for one’s actions

Eligibility for Program

Court Mandated/Referral

This track is for clients who have been referred by the Courts through Alberta Community Corrections or by Children Services. The Opportunities for Change Program will receive a referral from one of these sources and then contact new clients for an intake session. You may contact us at any time for more information.


This program also accepts self-referred clients who are concerned about their own use of unhealthy or abusive behaviours and who have not been referred or mandated through the courts. Please note, groups for mandated clients must take priority. This may mean being put on a waitlist until space becomes available. Please contact us for more information.

we can experience genuine change in ourselves – with the right tools

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